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A Wacky and Unique Tool to Use With Clients

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by Ruby McGuire (UK) I don’t know about you, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable sharing things that you believe in when you think others might judge you. For example, you might share your political views or your spiritual views, and then you worry what might people might think.

Want More Clients? Use This Amazing Tool

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by Ruby McGuire (UK) When I first started my coaching business, I knew I needed to get myself and my business noticed. I was not overly familiar with online resources at that time, other than doing a simple Facebook post to promote something. I knew I needed to build

Values in Business

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by Ruby Mcguire (United Kingdom) Values are an intrinsic part of each and  every one of us. They define who we are in life and can act as a compass that guides us through life enabling us to make better decisions. It could be said that they are ‘what

What is Life Coaching?

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By Ruby McGuire (United Kingdom) Coaching is about collaboration – A coach and a client work together to enable the client to achieve their goals, dreams and desires.  It is often confused with counselling or therapy, but coaching is about the here and now and where the client wants