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When Career Coaching Takes a Turn

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By Robert Holmes (Australia) Figure 1 Career coaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks a coach can participate in. It is different from executive, life or high performance coaching because of the involvement of other stakeholders like supervisors or HR. Apart from handling multiple

How Brain Gender Affects Relationship Coaching

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By Robert Holmes (Australia) Have you ever observed that one client appears to be very responsive to your coaching, and another is very reserved? They both get great outcomes, but one of them comes across as a kind of resistance. It surprises you when, after the coaching, they say

Finding Your Unique Style

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By Robert Holmes (Australia) Just how important is it to find your unique style? In the world of peacocks and tuna fish, it’s life and death. The male has to stand out against the crowd! In the highly competitive environment of coaching, it is important for us to find our