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  • How to Find my Way When I Lost Sight of Direction

How to Find My Way When I Lost Sight of Direction

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How to Find My Way When I Lost Sight of Direction By Petra Juhászová (United Kingdom) ‘Transition is the natural process of disorientation and reorientation that marks the turning points in the path of growth… transitions are key times in the natural process of self-renewal.’ William Bridges There is

What Lies Behind the Stories we Tell Ourselves

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by Petra Juhászová (United Kingdom) From the beginning of times people told stories to each other. These stories weren’t only for pure entertainment but often carried a moral lesson. Storytelling is a unique human skill. We use it not just in relation to others, but also with ourselves. We

Because in a Group Everyone Matters

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by Petra Juhászová (UK) ‘Community in groups occurs only when the individual members are collected in themselves and centred.’ Bert Hellinger Sometimes we think that we can do alone without the help of others. There are times we need to get off of our high horse and admit that

Feel It To Be Free

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by Petra Juhászová (UK) ‘Please just understand me!’ Why can’t you understand me?’ How many times we said these sentences or anything similar. I am sure that we can immediately think of a few crucial conversations where we were emotionally involved (or not), and these sentences left our lips

Why Can’t I Experience Emotional Wellness?

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by Petra Juhászová (UK) We experience countless emotions during the day. They are physical and instinctive. Emotions have been hard-wired in us. Feelings, on the other hand, are associated with our reaction to an emotion that is personal and was acquired through experience. Our feelings are  created by our