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  • Yes, I don’t understand!

Yes, I don’t understand!

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Yes, I don’t understand! by Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom) When you think about the challenges even top-rated coaches face with their elite clients, what word comes to mind? If ‘assumption’ was not the first thing you thought of, it would not be too far behind, would it? You see,

7 Rules for the ‘Peter Pan’ Generation to Find a Love that Lasts

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By Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom) Never Compromise Chemistry Check Compatibility Share Secrets Stroke Success Roll Out Rules Demonstrate Value Align Your Purpose Expectations change with every generation. For many young people in their 20’s and early 30’s their experience of finding a life-partner is very different from their parents.

We are all puppets in a play. That is not at issue. The vexing question is just who or what is pulling the strings?

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By Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom) "NLP is not a religion. There are no high priests of NLP and I am not a God" is how I recall being introduced to NLP by its co-originator Dr Richard Bandler. I had completed a previous programme organised by a firm of London