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How Coaching Expands and Enhances Leaders’ Capacity

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Maria Biquet (Greece) As a Coach I work with high level Executives and Entrepreneurs in developing their skills, abilities and behaviours to match the complex requirements of their roles. Developing a person is a highly demanding and very revealing process for both the Coach and the Coachee. People that

Stop Asking About Life Purpose!

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Don’t Upset your Clients by Asking About Something that Does not Really Exist! Maria Biquet (Greece) My dear fellow coaches, I am writing this letter to you with all my love and support to save you time and energy in the coaching relationship. What is the purpose of the

Matching with the Client

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What Makes Us Build Genuine Rapport with a Client Automatically or … Never! by Maria Biquet (Greece) What is the first thing we notice when we meet a new person? According to a recent Harvard study the first thing our brains notice about a person is gender and race.