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Coaching as an Approach to Organisational Development

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by Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) Summary: Organisation development initiatives often fail, and have not embraced coaching as a methodology. Coaching can contribute significantly to the acceptance and engagement with OD initiatives by a) challenging the thinking of OD initiative leaders and b) enabling managers to increase employee engagement by adopting

Career Coaching – Reality or Illusion?

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By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) Is career coaching ‘coaching’ in the way that the Coaching Industry aspires to be, or is it a more directive, formulaic advice based approach? As there are no agreed definitions of career coaching worldwide, mainly due to cultural, linguistic and perceptual differences I will

Case Study – Coaching in the Workplace

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By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) The following article is taken from an interview between Malcolm Nicholson and Martin Brommell, Sales Excellence Coach with BT in the UK. Martin was previously a sales manager in BT, an ideal background for his current role. The world is being transformed by communications.

Sales Coaching: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Coach

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By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) The economies of most of the western world are now firmly on the road to recovery. Sales professionals need to adapt to cope with the volatile circumstances that their customers are facing. How does coaching fit in with this? Successful businesses the need to