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A Recipe for Transformation Within Team Coaching

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by Dr. Keith Merron (USA) Over the last 35 years of coaching and consulting, I have coached individuals, built teams, and designed and delivered hundreds of workshops. My primary focus has been on working with leaders as both a coach and an organisation development consultant. My work as a

Being and Coaching Mastery

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QUARTERLY COLUMN by Dr. Keith Merron (USA) Many will tell you that the keys to being a great coach have all to do with a specific set of skills such as listening, artfully offering feedback, reflecting back well, etc., and I might agree. Still further, many will offer you

The Art of Coaching for Personal Transformation

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by Dr. Keith Merron (UK) Going Deeper: Coaching Third-Order Problems Most of my work is in the corporate sector, working with CEOs and Senior Executives. My goal is to help my clients transform. Often, when clients bring their problems to me, they focus on the symptoms. It is my