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10 Easy Ways to Integrate Meditation Into Your Daily Life

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By Erika Licon (USA) + Get Amazing Health Benefits Many of us know the extensive health benefits of meditation, including neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally [for the better]. But, is there a way to reap the extensive health rewards of meditation without having to sit down

Nutrition for Life and Health Coaches

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By Neli Petkova (Germany) Health is something, which we take for granted, unless we have lost it. The same applies to our clients; they very often raise questions about health, when problems have already appeared. Nowadays, health and disease prevention are topics of great interest and this is the reason

Coaching: My Style

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By Ashutosh Tewari (India) Is Style Important? Coaching is the medium through which the coach ‘self – actuates’ his/her client into forward movement towards their agenda. Just as each client is unique and special, so is the coaching style. A coach may have a unique style or he may

Style builds self – confidence

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By Irina Toma (Romania) 1 step, 1 rule and 1 exercise on building self-confidence with Style Why not start with Coco Chanel saying: “Fashion fades, while style is eternal”? With these words began my journey towards Personal Style and Image Coaching. As time went by I have met many