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Coaching Kinesiology Immersing Energetic Medicine into Health and Wellness Coaching

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By Natasha Old (Australia) Coaching Kinesiology is adapted by utilising the power of the mind in conjunction with theories of energetic medicine. It is a specialised form of Health and Wellness Coaching requiring the additional skills of kinesiology infused into traditional coaching method. Coaching kinesiology holds that there are many

Desperately seeking… the starter motor for good health. Could it be wellness coaching?

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By Pamela Caravas (Greece) Abstract The article aims at making two main points. Firstly, to introduce wellness coaching after establishing the limitations of life coaching as regards wellness goals, therefore, suggesting additional training in wellness terms for those who wish to work in the particular field as coaches. The analysis

Coaching: My Style

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By Ashutosh Tewari (India) Is Style Important? Coaching is the medium through which the coach ‘self – actuates’ his/her client into forward movement towards their agenda. Just as each client is unique and special, so is the coaching style. A coach may have a unique style or he may

The Mindful Meditation Revolution – Reducing Stress Across the World!

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By Paula Pluck (United Kingdom) In today’s society the notion of sitting still is becoming almost impossible to achieve. I think this is a main contributor to the mindfulness meditation revolution underway.  Let’s not pretend that however successfully we do it juggling family, relationships, career and the ordinary pressures

What is Style Coaching™, and can what you wear really change your life?

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By Kate Cutting (United Kingdom) Ten years ago, the term ‘Style Coaching™’ was nowhere to be seen. There were no ‘Style Coaches™’ to be found. Instead, there were image consultants, personal stylists, fashion consultants, and personal shoppers. So what is ‘Style Coaching™’ and where did it come from? What