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The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook – Kevin Oubridge and Sue Burnell

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By Linda Aspey (United Kingdom) If you’re looking for something to breathe fresh air into your coaching business, this book is an oxygen tank. Kevin Oubridge and Sue Burnell’s journey from reticent, naïve, but hopeful salespeople to decisive, professional business winners is an inspiration to us all.  Whilst it’s

The Art of Inspired, Authentic Leadership: Leadership from the Heart

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By Rasheed Ogunlaru (United Kingdom) Leading life coach, speaker and business/corporate coach Rasheed Ogunlaru, author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into business lifts the lid on new type of leader, manager and entrepreneur that’s emerging to meet today’s/tomorrow’s challenges. “Tomorrow’s leaders will not lead dictating from

Taking the Stage – A Theatrical Approach to Leadership Coaching

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By Sam Chittenden (United Kingdom) Leadership is enacted or performed.  Great communication, engagement and connection with people is vital.  Leaders are required to create meaning for people, and to be able to tell compelling organisational stories.  Emotional intelligence is also needed; along with the ability to integrate our inner

Van Gogh, the self-developing genius 6 Things a Leader Can Learn from Van Gogh

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By Andrea Szabados (Hungary) When was the last time you painted an honest self-portrait? Either with a brush, or in words, with pen, using the feedback received from others? Recently I’ve visited the exhibition called “Van Gogh’s Dreams” in Budapest where the artist’s masterpieces come to life using 3D

The Inner Game Can Coaching Young People Bring Benefits that Mentoring can’t?

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By Michael de Val (United Kingdom) The background The Private Equity Foundation is supporting an initiative in Shoreditch funding ‘highly trained coaches’ providing one to one support for 14-19 year olds. So far the reception has been positive. As one Head Teacher put it, “We’ve had lots of initiatives,