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Secrets to Performance Optimization

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By Ken Keis (Canada) Why are most people not optimizing their performance and not realizing their full potential? Personal and Professional Performance Optimization is about developing the Whole Person. Focusing on one single item, assessment, or strategy is not enough to optimize our lives—we must be holistic in our

How dehydration affects leadership ability

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By Dawn Campbell (France) ‘Don’t wait till you’re thirsty to dig a well’ says venerable master Hsuan Hua.  We now know by the time someone realises they are thirsty, it’s too late; they are already suffering the effects of dehydration. One such effect is on the brain.  Functionality to

Coaching Conduct Needs to be Honest

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By Michael Ringrose (Ireland) Coaching is a growth industry. There is an enormous supply of Consultants, Advisors, Mentors, and even, “Coaches” who are now readily available, it would appear, to take you and your business, soaring to unimaginable heights, on the road to success. Secret Pathways to Wealth There

The Spiritually-Intelligent Leader

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By Peter Hyson (United Kingdom) In the April edition of the ICN, James Sale made the powerful case for including spirituality in coaching practices. I want to take that a stage further by showing its centrality for outstanding leadership and offer some suggestions for coaching leaders in the growing