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Are you on the Bridge or in the Engine Room

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Are you on the Bridge or in the Engine Room? by Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) I am frequently asked by newer coaches who are moving into assignments with more senior execs what are some areas to check in as conversation openers. I have adopted the question and metaphor ‘Are

Leadership Coaching Effective Communication

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Leadership Coaching Effective Communication by Gary Gasaway (USA) As a corporate coach, I had identified a key leadership component that was lacking and in need of improvement in our company. What was that component? Effective communication. So, I took initiative and designed, developed, and began to facilitate what I

Vital Traits Required in a Leader

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Vital Traits Required in a Leader by Dr. Lisa Turner (United Kingdom) What Makes a Great Leader? Jenny stepped into her new office. She walked past her new team. As they exchanged their morning greetings she realised something was different. They were all a little standoffish. Had she said

Leaders Gaining Momentum

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Leaders Gaining Momentum by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands) Leaders get fairly ambitious goals within their organisation. It’s quite a challenge for them to meet those high expectations. They do their very best to deliver what is expected of them personally. And they have to get their team on board to

10 Skills to Be a Good Leader

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10 Skills to Be a Good Leader by Anne M. Bachrach (USA) The phrase ‘good leader’ may be subjective, but if you have worked for a ‘good’ leader or a ‘bad’ leader, you definitely know the difference. If you are ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurial