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Simple Steps for Getting More Clients

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By Hunter Phoenix (USA) Whenever I talk to new coaches, one of the first things I am asked is “How do you get clients?”  To be honest with you, this is something I really did not give much thought to before going into business. It seems so naïve now,

NLP, Meta-Programmes and Coaching

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By Robin Hills (United Kingdom) NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the study of human excellence and communication.  It provides us with the tools to better understand the workings of our brain and to manage our states, emotions and behaviours.Today NLP is used extensively by coaches, sales professionals, business leaders

Can “NLP” improve my Business?

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By Esther Coronel de Iberkleid (Bolivia) Even though Entrepreneurs and Executives globally are paying attention to the abbreviation “NLP” Neuro-Linguistic-Programming more than ever, there is still a group of people that thinks “NLP” comes from a “new era guru” talking about things that look like nonsense’s. For 25 years

How NLP has evolved

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By Dr. Justin Kennedy (South Africa) This is not an article singing the NLP song, but rather to show where it went wrong.  So what is it about NLP that is a phenomenon? The answer lies in understanding what NLP really was trying to do and where it had

Wanting to Add a 5th Dimension to Your Coaching?

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By Dr Lisa Turner (United Kingdom) What separates a fantastic coach from a good one? Any well-trained coach can get good results for their clients. However, some coaches seem to be truly “gifted” and can take their clients to a whole new level. These great coaches are often trained