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Leadership in a Global Economy

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by Malcolm Nicholson – iCN Journalist (UK) I recently had the pleasure of interviewing John Owen, who has been leading technology organisations for around 30 years. He has a wealth of experience in both international markets and leading global teams. For the last five years, he's been running a

Coaching Leaders with Imposter Syndrome

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by Tara Halliday (UK) As an executive coach or a leadership coach, you will have clients with imposter syndrome. About 70% of high-achievers experience imposter syndrome at some point in their careers(1), men and women equally(2). As leaders start to struggle, they can be motivated to get coaching support.

Leadership in a New Era

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by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands) We live in a world where all kinds of developments follow each other. They do this in such quick succession that we have never experienced before i.e. COVID-19, race of gender issues, or in the field of accelerated technological developments, just to name a few.

High Quality in the Coaching Process

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by Maria Biquet (Greece) Practising Coaching for years and reaching a point of maturity I have come to some observations and conclusions about what we really do when we work with people in a coaching process. Quality is the key issue for such an ‘easy to entry’ job and

Leverage The Power of Tools and Team

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by Terri Levine (USA) Would you like to put certain business tasks on autopilot? Is it time for you to stop being the one who does everything? If you are not ready to hire a team of people, don’t worry. You can still use automation technology to make some