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Holistic Coaching – The Journey Within

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by Boris Pavlov (Canada) I define myself as a holistic coach. That’s what it says on my business card, my website, all the social media I use. When I began my training as a life and executive coach, I thought that it would be enough to get my diploma

Join the 1% Club!

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Hi, I'm Ruby McGuire, Head of CPD over at the IAPC&M (International Authority of Professional Coaching & Mentoring). The IAPC&M has a proven track record in providing coaches, mentors and training providers with a 1st class personal service; a wealth of value added business building resources, and outstanding CPD

Why Celebrating Small Wins is Crucial

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by Cristina Burca (Romania) In our rushed lifestyles, enhanced by 2020’s radical shift towards home-ing (office, schooling, parenting), understanding and finding inner balance becomes crucial for our health and long-term life vision. What are the steps to identify and focus on “what really matters” to reach inner balance and

What Lies Behind the Stories we Tell Ourselves

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by Petra Juhászová (United Kingdom) From the beginning of times people told stories to each other. These stories weren’t only for pure entertainment but often carried a moral lesson. Storytelling is a unique human skill. We use it not just in relation to others, but also with ourselves. We

6 Benefits of Accountability

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) Accountability, which is an important element of the workplace, requires both internal control and external support.  In order to achieve peak levels of performance, external accountability is necessary. Being an accountable employee, which is what a business owner wants, demonstrates dedication to the job and