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Toolful Coach Column vol. 2. – Useful tools for life coaching with a case study

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By Brigitta Banhidi (Hungary) There is no coaching process without life coaching aspects…agree? Every executive, every manager, every entrepreneur is a human being in himself/herself with several roles around the clock thus faces all kinds of personal challenges. Let it be self confidence, conflict management, assertive communication or time

Using The Emotional Management Method To Deal With Obstacles Of Fear Or Strong Negative Emotions In Life Coaching

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By Cherry Claus (United Kingdom) Many of the common themes for Life Coaching include: helping clients to build their confidence; deal with stress; achieve a better work life balance; change their career; discover their life purpose; recover from relationships or divorce; to successfully embark on new relationships or improve

How to Stay Positive

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By Suzie Doscher (Switzerland) If you are struggling to stay positive about something chances are you are feeling stressed. The on his stress might be the result of uncertainty about the situation/person/project or any number of other reasons for stress in the moment. The fastest way to take charge of