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Earning the Respect of Your Team

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) One of the difficult tasks you need to accomplish in your role as a business owner is to earn the respect of your employees and clients. Being in charge is not going to get you the respect you are looking for. You have to work

Thinking About Your Future?

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by Emma Ford (UK) There are many books and articles to help you think about your future, all giving good advice and process for example What Colour is your Parachute by Richard Bolles. But there is often a tension between goals and aspirations and the reality of needing to

Interviewing Skills

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by Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna (UK) Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna explain how they use a Coaching-based approach to help people prepare for a successful interview. Preparation for a workplace interview can seem complex and daunting, often leading to high levels of anxiety and nervousness, but, when people

5 Highlights For Successful Career Transition

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by Madlen Ivanova (Bulgaria) Career transition might be stressful. Some of us come to this point as a result of job optimisation in the company they work for, while others feel the urge for a career change so strong that they turn their quirks into businesses. Do you know

The Colleague, The Coach & The Mentor

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by Iulia Dobre-Trifan (Romania) We spend a lot of our active time in professional contexts – be that a classical office, our work-from-home cosy environment or some other formula that works for us as well as for our employers and our clients. We share our workspace, physically or virtually,

Interviews – Who’s In Control?

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by Emma Ford (UK) Interviews are often seen as the domain of the interviewer. A situation when someone will be interrogated and pressurised, but perhaps this is the view of the candidate and not (always) the intent of the interviewer. If a candidate approaches the process of interviews thinking

How to Coach your Team for Business Excellence?

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by Maria Harley There is a famous saying by a famous Chinese philosopher, San Tzu: ‘Every battle is won before it is fought’ This is equally true for every matter, especially ones involving business and commerce. A company can be competent and well-established, on the path to success and

Coaching for Career Capital Development

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by Dr. Raija Salomaa (Finland) In the globalised economy, leaders who are able to cope with the multiplicity of tasks and challenges presented by international business environments are valued assets for their organisations. The need for internationally competent managers is escalating (Caliguiri & Tarique, 2012) and it has been

Narrative Frameworks in Career Transition Coaching

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by Risto M. Koskinen (Finland) As a coach, I rely on a multi-model approach in coaching, seeing that one size does not fit all. Our clients’ aspirations, needs, competences and contexts vary considerably, and so do the issues they are facing, too. Exploring different narrative frameworks can open interesting

Get That Support You All Deserve

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by Sarah Hickling (UK) It’s funny when you think back to when you left school and had that talk with a careers advisor who basically confused you even more and you walked away thinking now what am I to do. You were hoping to walk in and walk out