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Conflict Resolution: Negotiations and Problem-Solving

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) To better understand how to deal with conflict is to focus upon negotiation and problem-solving skills. For negotiations to really be effective there must be joint problem-solving. Negotiations and problem-solving are not necessarily hard or soft, but they are a combination of each. Using both

Conflict Resolution

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Do You Know How to Avoid or Resolve Conflicts in Your Relationship with Your Man? by Lyn Smith (UK) Today’s Tip - Resolving conflicts My ex-husband and I divorced after 23 ‘calm’ years, and I subsequently met my soul mate Paul, only to find that despite having a very

Matching with the Client

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What Makes Us Build Genuine Rapport with a Client Automatically or … Never! by Maria Biquet (Greece) What is the first thing we notice when we meet a new person? According to a recent Harvard study the first thing our brains notice about a person is gender and race.