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Company Coaching

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by Malcolm Nicholson, ICN journalist (UK) The last two decades have seen a cascading of business coaching out of the C-suite offices to C-Suite teams, leaders and leadership teams and more recently the awareness in enlightened organisations that a coaching culture within the business actually works. There is also

The Self-improvement Market Enters A New Era

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by John LaRosa (USA) Personal development or self-improvement is big business in the United States—estimated to be worth just under $10 billion per year. This fragmented ‘industry’ is comprised of motivational speakers, seminars, books, audiobooks, holistic institutes, websites, apps, and various training organisations. These providers seek to help us

When the Going Gets Tough (Part 2)

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Executive Coaching for Career Enhancement of Senior MBA Awarded Managers by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria) In the first article we got to focus on the four essential dimensions along which senior MBA awarded managers effectuate the change of their life following the award of their MBA degree. Given those four