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Ten Tips on being a Good Leader

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by Andy Johnson (South Africa) What? More Advice! There are undoubtedly more books, articles and quotes about leadership than almost any other topic.  However, The template for the “ideal leader” in any organisation is not the same today as it was five years ago, and it will not be

Energetic Leadership

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by Clive Hyland (UK) We all love to be energised by the people we choose to follow and associate with; and organisational leaders who can sustain a positive energetic impact on their people are worth their weight in gold. Yet, so often, our lack of understanding of interpersonal energetic

When the Going Gets Tough (Part 1)

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Executive Coaching for Career Enhancement of Senior MBA Awarded Managers by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria) Wheeling the clock back 6 years ago, it came to pass during one of the coffee breaks between lectures. There circulated in the air small talks among people whom I met for the first, and

Învățăturile lui Buddha

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O cale veche pentru un lider actual Idei pentru întâlnirile de coaching cu un lider al secolului 21 by Monica Lacramioara Barbulescu (Romania) Situatii mult prea des intalnite Intru in legatura cu persoane, chiar personalitati, care-si deplang viata. Vorbesc despre lipsa de sens pe care o simt in legatura

Embodied Coaching Tools

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Obtaining and Using Physical Responses, for “Embodied” Leadership Outcome by Peter Zoeftig (UK) Continuation ... What role does the coach have? Facilitator? Master? Model? Challenger? Critical observer? One of the problems with TPR (and with much training) was that it is very coach-centred, placing clients in a very passive