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4 Concepts to Develop your People

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By Dr. Richard Norris Notice that it is not professional development but people development. Professional development sees a person in only one dimension – their job. People development looks at that same person as a whole – a sum of specific roles e.g. mother, partner, SVP, PTA and Brownie

Five Benefits Of Entrepreneurial Coaching

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by Silvana Budisteanu We are living strange times, when the world’s economy is shaken. This worldwide crisis – at a much deeper level than just the financial part, I dare say - is unprecedented. As an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years I have asked myself what I would

Eleven Truths About Coaching

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By Betska K-Burr The world is experiencing the multiple benefits of having a Coach who creates an environment where all things are possible. This list of eleven truths about coaching is a collection of voices who are coaching as entrepreneurs, inside corporations and in the home. Here they are

EXECUTIVE COACHING in the Global Context

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by Cristina Palma - iCN Journalist (France) Interview with Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK), and Magda Niculescu (Romania) Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK) and Magda Niculescu (Romania) are three experienced executive coaches with three ways of seeing the world, but they all agree on one thing, there is

Coaching as an Approach to Organisational Development

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by Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) Summary: Organisation development initiatives often fail, and have not embraced coaching as a methodology. Coaching can contribute significantly to the acceptance and engagement with OD initiatives by a) challenging the thinking of OD initiative leaders and b) enabling managers to increase employee engagement by adopting

Is This The Missing Piece Of The Jigsaw?

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by Cherry Claus “We can no longer use neuroscience to honour our  coaching. We must change our  coaching  to  honour neuroscience.” Nancy Kline, President, Time to Think, UK Have you ever wondered why your fears sometimes kick in and stop you from doing things?Or, why memories from the past

Toolful Coach Column vol. 1

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by Brigitta Banhidi Tools  that coaching-style managers can use with their own teams There are many ways managers can lead their teams. Might be autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire and more – we all know these styles. But given this is a magazine on coaching, what better topic than tools to

Business Coaching: A Tool for Development

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by Mihai Bunda Coaching has a tremendous effect on organizational success and individual performance. As a result leaders will be making better decisions, with the organization’s performance improving as a consequence. Coaching is one tool for development available to leaders to enable them to be more effective and achieve

Personal Executive Coaching

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by Mariana Andrei “A coach’s awareness To The psychological implications personal executive coaching entangles is most useful in The choice of his/ her approach.” There are a few psychological aspects we should pay attention to when we embark on Personal Executive Coaching. The name itself of “personal executive coaching”

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