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How to Coach Creators

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By Mal Williamson (United Kingdom) Coaching creators are wonderfully satisfying because I know they will go off and make new work that enriches all our lives. However, they are different. This article outlines three key areas to bear in mind when motivating, healing and developing artists, musicians and all

Az NLP-ről Iványos-Szabó Zoltánnal

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By Krisztina Csurgo – iCN Journalist (Hungary/Egypt) Iványos-Szabó Zoltán az NLP módszer egyik sikeres hazai gyakorlója, aki közel 25 éve alkalmazza a különböző technikákat nemcsak a munkája és coaching ülései során de a magánéletében is. A Fókusz coaching módszer megalkotója, célkitűzési- és életúttervezéséi specialista, aki 2011-ben elnyerte az Év Coach cimet.

NLP for Business

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By Jimmy Petruzzi (United Kingdom) (1st Part can be found in iCN Issue 16 - NLP & Coaching; pages 27-30) IDENTITY FORMATION The sense of identity appears early in life as the infant begins to separate itself from the mother in what they previously viewed as an undifferentiated unit.