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The Big Conversation

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By David Finney (United Kingdom) Some businesses base their operations around ‘processes’ whereas others base them around ‘departments’. The risk with the departmental approach is that teams operate with physical or virtual walls around them and miss out on opportunities for mutual learning and collaboration. A good example of

Where Next with Research in Mentoring?

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By David Clutterbuck (United Kingdom) It would be easy to conclude, from the vast numbers of research papers and studies on mentoring, that the field is pretty well covered. In practice, that’s far from the truth. It’s noticeable, for example, that there are far more quantitative studies than qualitative.

7 Summits to Self-mastery and Leadership coaching

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By Cristina Burca, ICN Journalist, Romania  Seven days to create the world. Seven summits to build a character and become a highly-ranked Leadership coach. It is the case of Ania Lichota, an Executive Coach and Inspirational Speaker on Leadership Mastery, working with the leading talent acquisition organisation, Barrington-Hibbert Associates.

Resilience ooze

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By Mary Keeley (United Kingdom) It can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute we are bouncing around like Richard Branson or Karren Brady - confident, smart and the person in the room people are listening to - the next we're shambling around in the corner feeling

Distinguish Yourself as a Leader, Not a Boss

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By Rosana Nedelciu (ICN Journalist - Romania) People are eager to find out about how-to recipes and success pills. And are eager to reach the top quickly, just to see that they have thousands of followers who admire their leadership qualities – but secretly envying them, to be invited as speakers where they can talk about their