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Coachee Preparation – a Key Step in Successful Matching

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By: Caroline Taylor (United Kingdom) Introduction Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with improving organisation capability through focused development of individuals. This almost always involves a change in behaviour. So, why, when readiness for change is such a central tenet of good Organisation Development practice, does this aspect get neglected

Can a Coach be a Mentor?

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By: Barbara J. Cormack (France) What’s the reason for asking this question?  It’s simple – the skills that every Coach develops as part of their training can be used by Mentors.  So what makes a Mentor? In March, 2015 I presented a webinar for the IIC&M where I asked

Deliberate Leadership Creating Success through Personal Style

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By: Ken Keis (Canada) Deliberate Leadership is about being self-aware enough that you can be-purposefully wise, diplomatic, and intentional with competence, embracing the values (and behaviours) of accountability, reliability, and responsibility. Admittedly, there are hundreds of other definitions of leadership; they all vary somewhat in orientation, but most imply that

The Leader as Gardener

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By Dr Gerhard van Rensburg (South Africa) The art of the good gardener lies in his ability to learn and appreciate natural growth processes. The shift in our understanding of organisations since the days when engineers analysed organisations as they analysed machines for their efficiency is to understand that