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What do we mean by success?

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By David Clutterbuck (United Kingdom) One of the exercises I frequently conduct with audiences is to ask them to define what they mean by success. It’s something few have thought about. Almost invariably, the responses fall into two categories: Success as achievement – reaching your goals, exceeding expectations, winning,

The Case for Mindfulness in Business

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By Noel Brady (United Kingdom) 2014 would appear to be the year that mindfulness has come out of the shadows and moved into the mainstream.  We have seen mindfulness sessions at the Davos Economic Summit in Switzerland, widely respected corporate leaders such as Arianna Huffington talked eloquently about mindfulness

It’s Not About the Coach

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By Stuart Haden (United Kingdom) Many of us are lucky enough to work with great coaches, in business, sport and life. Individuals who are keen to support and challenge us in many aspects of work and life. But, do we really make the most of these relationships? If we