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How to Improve an Already Successful Business

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By Anne Bachrach (USA) You already have a successful business and you have good repeat clients and word-of-mouth clients.  You are successful at making a profit.  Have you ever thought of improving your already successful business so that you can be number one or in the top 10 or

How to Get In Touch With Your Inner Coach

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By Lynn Robinson (USA) One of our main jobs as coaches is helping others have harmonious and productive relationships with important people in their lives. However, how much focus have you placed on the most important relationship of all — the one with your “Inner Coach?” It’s also called

The Power to Speak Up!

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By Yasmin Vorajee (Ireland) Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked for your opinion and you lost your voice?  Or you were itching to say something in a meeting because you knew you had something really important to say but it just would not come out?