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How can you make diamond sparkle more?

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by Laura Komocsin and Andrea Szabados It is a common fact that most coaching frameworks originate from the English-speaking world.  People are often keen on acronyms, especially if the initials form a relevant and positive word (like the most well-known GROW) or if every word has the same initial (e.g.

Happily Ever After

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by Magda Niculescu (Romania) Truth or myth? 9 tips about becoming a successful coach A lot of people I am meeting lately are flirting with the idea of changing their career and becoming a professional coach. The motives are diverse and often a mix of: not relating with the purpose of

Creating a Coaching Culture

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by Jayne Warrilow How to Influence the Development of Coaching Cultures within Client Organizations As coaches we have a powerful influence on our clients and the organizations in which they work. The coaching profession is evolving and in our fast paced, highly technological world we can add value by

What is Coaching?

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by Vali Cojocaru (Romania) In ancient times Kings and often businessmen consulted monks and cardinals before taking crucial decisions. These monks were the original coaches - people who were seen as equals and sometimes even superiors in terms of their intellect. Coaching has evolved since then and today coaches

Coaching Along

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by Dawn Campbell (France) “A coach does for the mind what a personal trainer does for the body” As a master coach specialising in health, I’m honoured to support clients achieve better results with both their mind and their body’s. Going back over a decade, I admit the coaching profession

What can a COACH do for me?

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by Denisa Alexa This is a key question in understanding the role of a coach. The challenge can be on a personal or professional level. It can be about you and your lover (or the search for one), you and your boss, your colleagues and your career (or the

Connecting with Your Purpose

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by Christine Charles (United Kingdom) Coaching, what is it? That’s certainly the question I was asking almost a decade ago whilst searching for my purpose in life. I always knew that I wanted to help others, but didn’t know what that would look like, so I happily bumbled along

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