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  • Holistic Coaching Begins with Inner Communication

Holistic Coaching Begins with Inner Communication

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Holistic Coaching Begins with Inner Communication by Gary Gasaway (USA) To approach a holistic life begins with the wholeness of mind along with emotions to complete self internally. So, when working with clients that want to create a better holistic self-relationship, I begin with coaching their inner communication with

Growing Your Coaching Business

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Growing Your Coaching Business: The Effective Use of Discipline, Patience, & Commitment by Gary Gasaway (USA) I have helped many new life coaches; whether it’s mentoring them in setting up their business or acquiring clients (sometimes both.) When I mentor new coaches, I consider my own experience of over

Leadership Coaching Effective Communication

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Leadership Coaching Effective Communication by Gary Gasaway (USA) As a corporate coach, I had identified a key leadership component that was lacking and in need of improvement in our company. What was that component? Effective communication. So, I took initiative and designed, developed, and began to facilitate what I

  • The Foundation Meaning and Purpose

Career Coaching The Foundation: Meaning and Purpose

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Career Coaching The Foundation: Meaning and Purpose by Gary Gasaway (USA) Over the years, I have coached many clients regarding their career journeys. But before updating the resume, before the job application, before the formal interview, and even more importantly; before the selection of the possible change in job

The Coaching Session Model

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) As a Professional Life Coach specialising in conflict, the coaching session is one the most important functions of my business. Without an applicable model, identifying and resolving my clients’ conflict is very limited and not nearly as effective. When I developed this model and my

Group Conflict Are Debates Healthy?

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) Many of the executives that I have coached, typically possess differences of opinion regarding their role in group debates. These debates are usually taking place in a group setting such as a staff meeting. As a coach, I ask these executives questions regarding how to

Reprogramming Using Reflection Connection

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Gary Gasaway (USA) Much of my practice as a life coach is working and guiding my clients to attain their ‘life goals’. These life goals are really just everyday responsibilities: family and relationships, money and finances, career and business, spiritual and education, health and well-being, and enjoyment and fulfilment.

Coaching Values-Based Living

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) In my practice as a professional life coach, one of the most common areas of conflict regarding my clients is living a complicated, stressful life. To combat this undesirable living condition, I focus my attention and coaching efforts to have the client first; acknowledge themselves,