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What do we mean by success?

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By David Clutterbuck (United Kingdom) One of the exercises I frequently conduct with audiences is to ask them to define what they mean by success. It’s something few have thought about. Almost invariably, the responses fall into two categories: Success as achievement – reaching your goals, exceeding expectations, winning,

Coaching vs. Mentoring

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By David Clutterbuck (United Kingdom) Since the concepts of formalised or supported coaching and mentoring in the world of work emerged some 30 years ago, there has been a continuous and sometimes confusing journey of evolution – both for coaching and mentoring and those of us who practice and/or

Skills of a Multicultural Mentor

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By David Clutterbuck (United Kingdom) Studies by two professors at French business schools identify seven characteristics of a multicultural manager: Sensitivity to one’s own and other cultures Cultural awareness and curiosity Cultural empathy Multilingual skills Contextual understanding and sensitivity Semantic awareness Ability to switch between cultural frames of reference