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Thinking Clearly Under Pressure

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by Brian Tregunna (UK) Experienced Life Coach and former Chief Fire Officer Brian Tregunna discusses the importance of self-control during highly-pressurised moments. We are probably all familiar with that moment when something happens that makes your heart sink. You are planning to do something familiar and for which you

Interviewing Skills

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by Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna (UK) Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna explain how they use a Coaching-based approach to help people prepare for a successful interview. Preparation for a workplace interview can seem complex and daunting, often leading to high levels of anxiety and nervousness, but, when people

The Wheel of Life

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by Ashley Gordon & Brian Tregunna (UK) Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna explain about the importance of having a broad range of coaching skills and the tool they often use to help new clients prioritise their needs. We often find that when we first meet with new clients that