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Emmi’s Fear of Loneliness

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by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) ‘The idea of being alone terrifies me… makes me feel ashamed. I feel abandoned, like it’s the end of the world. I feel dead... unseen, unheard…. like I don’t exist.’ Why would a 37 year old European woman living in a safe society experience such

Your Spiderwebs are not Made of Cement

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by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) Limiting thoughts are like spiderwebs that block your neurons from communicating in a logical manner. You could spend your entire life running around in circles in your head. Faced with a challenge, you could rationally think: ‘You I can. Yes, it’s my thing. That’s what

How Emotionally Tough Are You?

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by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) How do you react when you miss your train? Or lose your Ray Bans? Or are facing bankruptcy? Do you immediately get angry? Like: ‘Life, can you give me a freaking break?!?!’ Or do you feel sad, like: ‘What a loser, you can’t even catch