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8 Tips to Help Manage People Better

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) The success of a small business depends hugely on the employees. If they are not committed to the goals and do not put in their best efforts, achieving success can be extremely difficult and maybe impossible. Even if you have achieved considerable success till now,

4 Tips to Communicate Effectively with Clients

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) While many business owners believe they communicate effectively with clients, the reality is that few professionals know how to communicate effectively with clients to get the desired results. Effective communication with clients may seem like the least of your worries when you are running your

4 Essentials of Effective Communication

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Anne Bachrach (USA) Learning how to communicate effectively is crucial to the survival of your business; unfortunately, there’s no other way to cut it.  If you approach people too casually, don’t take the time to communicate clear information, or don’t appear cordial, you are risking the success of your

Earning the Respect of Your Team

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) One of the difficult tasks you need to accomplish in your role as a business owner is to earn the respect of your employees and clients. Being in charge is not going to get you the respect you are looking for. You have to work