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How can you make diamond sparkle more?

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by Laura Komocsin and Andrea Szabados It is a common fact that most coaching frameworks originate from the English-speaking world.  People are often keen on acronyms, especially if the initials form a relevant and positive word (like the most well-known GROW) or if every word has the same initial (e.g.

Van Gogh, the self-developing genius 6 Things a Leader Can Learn from Van Gogh

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By Andrea Szabados (Hungary) When was the last time you painted an honest self-portrait? Either with a brush, or in words, with pen, using the feedback received from others? Recently I’ve visited the exhibition called “Van Gogh’s Dreams” in Budapest where the artist’s masterpieces come to life using 3D

Toolful Coach Column vol. 3 – Useful NLP Coaching Tools with a Case Study

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By Andrea Szabados ACC (Hungary) Even without solid background in NLP, you can enhance the effectiveness of your coaching relationships by applying the key elements of Neuro-linguistic Programming, including building rapport and using advanced communication techniques. Actually, NLP is already a tool in itself that is indispensable in coaching.In