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Dynamics and Mechanics in NLP Coaching

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Alina Tudorache (Romania) Starting point ‘A vehicle can successfully reach its destination by having a functional characteristic, enough fuel and being driven with clarity, purpose, passion, on the most fit road for its capacity. ‘ Eliciting serves both the NLP coach and the coachee In NLP coaching, the dynamics

Latest Trends on Business Coaching: Organisational Entities© – NLP Strategy for Knowledge and Visionary Companies

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By Alina Tudorache (Romania) In an age of digital marketplaces, visionary coaching, Kaizen coaching, digital crowdsourcing, the concept of “coaching” has expanded its boundaries beyond concrete workplace settings. For a few years, I have been designing and delivering Business coaching products by combining NLP techniques with up-to-date organisational Management

Life Coaching dot Wealth in a Digital Marketplace

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By Alina Tudorache (Romania) Today I need you to get ready to find out how personal effectiveness can impact current situations in your life. But first, take some time and think about the following: Have you had enough with those financial solutions leading nowhere? Have you invested in different