By: Beáta Kovács (Hungary)

Language coaching is such a new area of coaching in my country, Hungary that I usually need to clarify what it means, even to my professional colleagues. Therefore, I would like to give a brief description of what language coaching is before elaborating on the various areas of career coaching that can be enhanced by it.

A language coach supports people who have some difficulties in using a foreign language. They might have obstacles in their language learning processes (having trouble with speaking, progressing very slowly etc.) or they might be professionals who need to give presentations, take part in negotiations, write e-mails, make phone calls in their jobs or participate in foreign language job interviews. In all these cases a language coach helps the coachee eliminate the obstacles that prevent them from performing these tasks in a stress-free and persuasive manner by finding and relying on their strengths, getting rid of their limiting beliefs and widening their comfort zones. Hence, they will achieve more of their potential at work.

Career Coaching covers a really wide area ranging from helping hesitating students who need support to choose their educational track to professionals who have hardship in their current positions. Some are hesitant whether to change their workplace, positions or even their professions or to stay and cope with the difficulties they encounter in their current jobs.

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 57-58

About Beáta Kovács

Beáta is a qualified language coach and an English teacher. She is also a trainer of coaching skills and techniques for teachers.  Beáta is the founder and leader of iCoachU Studio in Budapest, Hungary.

Language coaching, time and energy management are the key areas of Beáta’s coaching practice, where she applies solution-focused coaching techniques. At language coaching sessions, she supports her clients to overcome any obstacles they encounter when learning a foreign language. She helps them get rid of their limiting beliefs, become self-confident and apply learning techniques that suit their individuality the best.She also helps them prepare for the challenges