by Michele Armstrong & Graham Walkinshaw

This paper is the first of three in a mini-series written by Michele Armstrong & Graham Walkinshaw (Directors of Acorn Principle Plus).  As a whole, the three parts describe how our journey through the field of supervision in coaching led us to choose Action Learning as a methodology and how it has been used to enhance the delivery of group supervision for coaches.  The purpose of writing is to share and deepen the learning that comes from working in such an intensive way with professionals who are touching the lives of the people they coach and/or supervise.

Part 1 explains the journey leading to our decision to use the action learning approach to coach supervision and seeks to contextualise our choices and the resulting practice within the development of the coaching industry and emerging profession.

Part 2 will focus on how we applied the principles and structure of Action Learning within a group supervision context and,

Part 3 looks at the lessons we are learning from the process and potential changes we foresee as we move forward. It also provides insights from recipients of the process as well as inviting you to reflect on your own learning in the light of these three articles.

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); pages 68-69