Succeed! A Quality Brand

by Yosara Geerlings (Netherlands)

Are you a certified coach? And if so, certified by which organisation? The prominent players in the market are ICF and IPEC. These brands tell the public that their coaches are qualified and experienced.

However, there are some qualified coaches out there that are not with ICF and IPEC. And some coaches have worked so hard to obtain the mentioned certifications that they focus more on the paperwork than on their clients.

How does a client that wants to get support with any struggle find you? Usually, word of mouth does the job. But a coach that sits well with me, might not sit well with my friend. It is always a bit tricky.

succeed! is an app that helps clients and coaches to find each other and subsequently work together.

In the app, there is a filter that helps the clients narrow down their search in a couple of clicks or taps on the screen. Then they see your introduction video and decide to book a discovery session with, or not. The video is key to experiencing a click or not.

The entire coaching session is integrated into the app. And should your client want to come to see you in your office, which is fine too. Everything else will still be automated for you.

Everything means invoicing, scheduling, confirmations, reminder emails, timeline, marketing, tracking, and video calling. We aim to become the quality brand that makes getting support from a coach as easy as ordering a pair of jeans.

We want to take down the thresholds that keep many people from getting help with struggles.

A user friendly, and beautifully designed app is still missing; succeed! fills that gap.

succeed! offers coaches complete virtual offices that are extremely easy to work with, intuitive, and free of charge. We only charge a commission of 17% of your fee after that has been paid by your clients. It is a very low commission compared to any platform, and we aim to keep it like that.

Our marketing gets you your clients, so you can focus on what you are good at, helping people succeed!

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Source: iCN Issue 37  (The Dynamics of Team Coaching); pages 15-16

About Yosara Geerlings

Yosara started her coaching and counselling career at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the year 2000. After studying NLP and Psychological development for 4 years she started her coaching business in the centre of the city.

Since her training in India, Yosara worked with groups in South Africa, India, Spain and the UK. Her experience inspired her to create the succeed! app. Yosara believes that coaching should be a much easier practice than it is today.

Currently, Yosara offers 6-day intensive online NLP for Coaching training. A training for coaches who would like to add NLP to their coaching practice.