We all know that without our health, nothing else matters. Yet in our modern time of the daily distractions and constant demands with work, we often neglect what we know as the most important, in the end regretting our decisions when our rushed lifestyles catch up with our neglected health.

Now, more than ever, busy lifestyles, stress, easy access to fast foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, and a diminished quality of our food supply require that we take control and actively pursue the health, energy and vitality we all desire and deserve now.

In this issue iCN is inviting you to submit articles, coaching tools, success stories, book reviews for the 22nd edition, with the theme on Wellness & Holistic Coaching, with these topics:

  • Steps to creating the health, vitality and energy we all deserve;
  • Inner balance;
  • What can a Holistic or Wellness Coach do for you?
  • Choosing the right fitness professional who can put you on the road to a better health;
  • What Should I Look for in a Life or Wellness Coach?
  • Fitness trends;
  • Success stories about people who have gone through wellness or holistic coaching.

Article Deadline: 31 May 2018

Ad deadline: July 2018

Official launch: August 2018

Other upcoming themes:

  • 23rd Edition – Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques

Article Deadline: Aug 2018

Release Date: Nov 2018

  • 24th Edition – Relationship Coaching

Article Deadline: Sept 2018

Release Date: Feb 2018

Kindly send email to editor@international-coaching-news.net for guidelines and more details on the theme.