Leading companies worldwide sees the value of executive coaching and are even developing in-house stables of coaches. Companies are hoping to ease this transition by hiring executive coaches to work with newly-promoted managers.

Most corporate career paths lead to a role in management. However, being prepared for that step up in responsibility can be tough; the move from employer to a leader is not a natural transition for most people. In fact, it can be slightly traumatizing, particularly when one is elevated to having responsibility over their longtime peers. Most of those in the executive coaching profession tend to work across the management and executive ranks. Executive coaches typically focus on the issues that come with managing people.

For this edition, we will be looking for unique perspectives on:

  • Transforming an employee into a leader, from a mentee to mentor
  • Various leadership and relational styles, to improve and enhance relationships
  • Vital traits required in a leader
  • Understanding oneself and developing the ability to motivate others are the pillars of leadership.
  • Tips on being a good leader/dealing with a team
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • Success stories about people who have gone through executive coaching


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