By Kate Cutting (United Kingdom)

Ten years ago, the term ‘Style Coaching™’ was nowhere to be seen. There were no ‘Style Coaches™’ to be found. Instead, there were image consultants, personal stylists, fashion consultants, and personal shoppers. So what is ‘Style Coaching™’ and where did it come from? What makes it so different to other image specializations we have seen before? And, quite simply, why should we, as coaches, managers and entrepreneurs, sit up and take notice?

Back in 2004, nobody realized that in a quiet corner of the world, a revolutionary new specialization was taking shape and getting ready to transform countless people’s lives. Meanwhile elsewhere, celebrity stylists were obliterating the airwaves with popular but ruthless ‘makeover’ shows. The public would watch in disbelief as the stylists would hunt down the country’s worst dressed individuals who were desperate for help, and then proceed to invade their wardrobes with unashamed gusto, criticize and often ridicule their choice of clothes, have them strip down to their underwear in a 360 degree mirror while exposing their vulnerabilities to the masses, and usually reduce the person to tears before announcing with delight that it was time to ‘hit the highstreet’!

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); pages 28-31

About Kate Cutting

Kate Cutting is a co-director and master trainer of the Style Coaching Institute® — the only training company in the world offering a Diploma Certificate in Professional Style Coaching™. Kate also serves as VP of Member Communications at the International Association of Style Coaches™ (IASC) where she writes weekly articles and a monthly ezine, distributed in 56 countries. At the Style Coaching Institute®, Kate works alongside the co-creator of Style Coaching™, Tracey Redmond, as the co-author of the institute’s training publications. However, Kate’s greatest passion is her long-term role as a mentor to Style Coaches™ during their training, as well as throughout their careers. Because of her belief in the transformational power of Style Coaching™, she is dedicated to increasing the public awareness and continually developing the professional standards for the field.

Kate was recently honoured to write the foreword for ‘Branded for Success’, a publication written by one of Asia’s leading Style Coaches™, Lionel Lim (winner of the 2012/2013 Successful Entrepreneur Award, Mister Singapore United Nation 2011, Singapore’s Most Loved Beauty Professional 2011 and Giant Stars Most Confident Smile Award 2006).

Alongside her expertise in Style Coaching™, Kate is also a licensed NLP practitioner and accredited Life Coach.