By Irina Toma (Romania)

1 step, 1 rule and 1 exercise on building self-confidence with Style

Why not start with Coco Chanel saying: “Fashion fades, while style is eternal”?

With these words began my journey towards Personal Style and Image Coaching. As time went by I have met many people seeking to act and do things according to their personal style; more and more people who start refusing their status of just being a part of the “system” (no matter what that area was); who want to make their voice heard and who struggle to get out of the herd. I was one of them and I have realised it was no coincidence in meeting them.

That is why I was so motivated by this matter and that’s why I wanted to make a contribution in this field.

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); pages 57-58