by Iana Avramova (Bulgaria)

David has been working for his Corporation for 12 years now. He started when he was in his last year of University as a junior developer, growing to a senior developer, a team leader and a business development manager. Ending up with a team of more than 80 people working in the R&D department on a new series of electronic circuit for hearing implants. Each quarter for the last 15 months his Team was over performing in deadlines and productivity. Even when stagnation came, the budget for R&D was cut in half, David’s team stayed motivated and kept on pursuing their quarterly goals. Every time, when David was asked to help colleagues or to explain how he does it – nothing significant came out.  They all went to the same trainings, followed the same procedures and rules.

Months later, the Corporation hired a Company of Executive Coaches to work with their Management. While they were conducting interviews with the Team, the mystery of David’s success was revealed. Once in a while he would spot a colleague who looks distracted. This colleague would more often take a break, go to smoke, check his phone, his watch, the Social Media. This was a sign for David that the colleague is disconnected from his work. It is not a surprise – each experienced Manager would notice these signs that will inevitably lead to reduced performance. The difference is in the reaction that follows. David would not remind the colleague of his duties, neither would sanction him or threaten him. He would do something different – he would tell a story.


Source: iCN Issue 21 (Business Coaching); pages 17-19

About Iana Avramova

Founder and Author at Transformika Coaching Cards – Coaching Made Easy. Iana created from scratch a set of 32 Coaching cards + 60 coaching mantras (positive affirmations). Each card has a number of questions and represents a mini coaching session. There are different challenges in professional and personal aspect (i.e. problem solving, relationship issues, time management, career choice, health issues and many more).