By Suzie Doscher (Switzerland)

If you are struggling to stay positive about something chances are you are feeling stressed. The on his stress might be the result of uncertainty about the situation/person/project or any number of other reasons for stress in the moment.

The fastest way to take charge of stress is by doing something that involves your senses; take a walk, listen to music, be creative, cook something…anything that you find soothing that will distract you from your serving thoughts right now. If you do not have any time, go to the loo and take a couple of deep breaths that will help you break the vibe you.

Come back to the situation and take another look at it.

“Positive Thinking is not just about thinking positive. It is also about recognizing that you have the power to control over what happens to you / your destiny.”


“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist   adjusts the sails.”

William Arthur Warde

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); page 23

About Suzie Doscher

Suzie Doscher places her energy in helping individuals make a difference in the quality of their day to day lives. A credentialed Life Coach focusing on Personal Development, she works with her clients on personal issues, as well as in business where behaviour patterns can sometimes get in the way of a smooth day to day life at work. Her strength lies in a person and behavior centered method to coaching. You not only delve deeper into your strengths but also discover strengths you did not know you have. You become aware of what triggers particular behavior patterns, identify areas of change where you could benefit, and discover the motivation to initiate those changesYou will benefit, your friends and family will benefit, your coworkers will benefit, and ultimately your company will benefit. Suzie is a co-founder of the Coaching Group of Switzerland.