By: Denise Taylor (UK)

As career coaches, we know the importance of keeping our skills up to date. We want to learn more through reading, courses and webinars and meeting other coaches. But not everyone is like us. Some, (many?) people rely on the knowledge they have learnt in the past and feel no interest in taking courses unless it’s an essential requirement of their professional body.

All can go well till they need to find a new job. Then they find they are not getting shortlisted. Many will then blame it on their age. But it’s not always an ‘age thing’.

Relying on dated qualifications

One reason those in their 50s can struggle to get the next job is due to professional qualifications being dated. People relied too much on courses taken 20 or more years ago. What relevant changes, and we need to be able to use best practice to guide our work.

We may expect this to be something we can leave to our employers, but training budgets are more limited and it’s expected that we take ownership of our careers. Read on for 6 tips to stay employable.

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 64-65

About Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is an award winning career psychologist and personal branding strategist with & author of non- fiction including “Now You’ve Been Shortlisted” and “Find Work at 50+”.  Denise has a personal interest with working with people aged 50+ and is now Chief Inspiration Officer with