By Jen Gash (United Kingdom)

How to recognise the difference, get out there, have fun and be seen!

There is so much great advice for coaches out there: get a website, be active on social media, write articles, develop expertise, develop online products, but if you are not careful, this can result in a life spent on the phone, mobile and computer… or like me, all three. It can also lead to isolation, an achyback and grumpiness!  I could spend 8 hours a day, chained to the computer: headset and phone to the left, mobile to the right: Twitter – tick, Linked In – tick, Facebook – tick, emails – tick, type new blog – tick, tinker with website and upload blog – tick, work on virtual product – tick, shout at hosting company – tick, eat a banana – tick, calls with coaching client – tick, back to the computer –tick, Twitter again – tick, end of day – tick. Repeat.

The virtual world is here to stay – that’s for sure, but did you know that there are real people out there people who walk, chat to friends, go out, belong to clubs, groups and have real hobbies.

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); pages 38-39

About Jen Gash

As a Creativity Coach, Artist and Occupational Therapist, Jenn brings humour, diversity and creativity to all she does. Jenn weaves her background in Occupational Science with Creativity Coaching to produce a unique approach to coaching and business. Unlocking her own creativity, led to the development of Discovery Party – a highly unique business for coaches.

Through Discovery Party and its unique system and tools, coaches can build a tribe of interested engaged people, meet real coaching clients and find new opportunities so that coaches can have fun and get paid along the way!

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