By Ian Marshall (United Kingdom)

For many small business owners, growth is a rather elusive concept. For some it is seen as something that only high-flying entrepreneurs can achieve. For many, if not most, it is viewed as an activity that will consume huge amounts of time and effort and is therefore probably beyond the limited resources of the small business.

Natural instinct

Survival, on the other hand, is a topic very much at the forefront of everyone’s attention. Perhaps this is because it appeals to our more natural tendencies – after all survival is a primal human instinct. However, taking an approach of doing just enough to keep the business going and earning a basic living inevitably means that most, if not all, attention focuses on the short-term day-to-day stuff – to the exclusion of just about everything else.

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); pages 43-44

IamMarshallAbout Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall is the author of The Savvy Guide to Kick-Starting Your Small Business (Publisher – Panoma Press)

Ian Marshall has worked in accountancy and managerial roles in London and the South East of England for most of his career. Having held senior roles in both large multinational companies and small business he has gradually built up a broad experience of the commercial world and a detailed understanding of what makes businesses tick. Since 2001, he has specialised in helping small businesses to survive and grow through one-to-one consultancy, seminars and regular articles and newsletters. These resources have been aimed at providing savvy advice not otherwise readily available for small business owners and the particular challenges they face.