By Guy Anastaze (Switzerland)

As the true raw material of successful business, customers are the raison d’être of all companies. The need to take care of customers over the long term is a fundamental reason why selling should be considered as a process of coaching your clients.

Customers know in their heart what they want, even when their preferences are not fully conscious, or are not clearly expressed or even clearly felt. The readiness of customers in identifying what they don’t want can often reveal interesting avenues for exploring what they do want. Your role as a sales professional is – at every level – to help make customers aware of their needs, their desires, of what they love. Ultimately the goal is to make clear all available options, laying out realistic final choices and assisting customers in making a choice which will benefit them in the long term.

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); pages 48-49

GuyAAbout Guy Anastaze

Guy Anastaze is the founder and CEO of Anastaze Business Coaching Sàrl.  Combining 30 years of sales management experience at IBM with his passion for people, he coach senior executives in their managerial practice, decision-making and career management. He is the author of Authentic Selling.

He also support sales teams in developing long-term business strategies, effective management of their commercial relations and increasing their sales performance.