By Ken Keis (Canada)

Why are most people not optimizing their performance and not realizing their full potential?

Personal and Professional Performance Optimization is about developing the Whole Person. Focusing on one single item, assessment, or strategy is not enough to optimize our lives—we must be holistic in our approach.

A second challenge comes from the fact that our society wants results in the time it takes to get dinner at the local drive-thru, with Twitter-level interactions.

Performance optimization requires time and dedication while embracing a holistic development model

Personal and Professional Performance Optimization is a lot like car racing. The team must look at the factors that contribute to success, then all those functions must work in harmony to win.

As coaches a holistic approach is foundational to the long-term impact and results for and with our clients.

To provide a framework for developing the performance of the whole person, CRG created the Personality Development Factors Model©. The acknowledgement and proactive engagement of each of these factors sets the foundation for our success or failure.

  • Personality is the totality of who you are. Parts of your personality do change, through learning and experience.
  • Personal Style is the part of your personality with which you are born and that does not change over time. Your Personal Style stays consistent throughout your lifetime.

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); pages 41-47

About Ken Keis

Ken Keis, MBA President of CRG, is considered a global authority on the way assessment strategies increase and multiply your success rate. In 24 years, he has conducted more than 3000 presentations and 10,000 hours of consulting and coaching. Author of Why Aren’t You More Like Me? Discover the Secrets to Understanding Yourself and Others, Ken has co-created CRG’s proprietary development models and written over 3.5 million words of content for 40 business training programs and 400+ articles. Ken’s expertise includes assisting individuals, families, teams, and organizations to realize their full potential and to live On Purpose! Contact Ken at 604 852-0566,, or to