By Davide Costella (Switzerland)

Imagine you are leading a global project for a large, multinational company. What might be your main challenges in terms of communication? One inevitable challenge is that you have to deal with stakeholders across the globe. This translates in different cultures, different personas, backgrounds, beliefs, conflicts as well as different communication tools such as email, face-to-face, Skype etc. This is what a client of mine, let’s call him Jack, was facing and struggling with on a regular basis. How can NLP help you to overcome the most difficult communication challenges?

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 31-32

DavideCAbout Davide Costella

Davide is a Partner at The Coaching Group of Switzerland. They are credentialed international native English-speaking Business, Team and Life Coaches located in Switzerland which offers their unique coaching specialties to achieve the changes you wish to make, including Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Team Coaching & NLP Coaching.