by Cristina Burcă (Romania)

“I saw the angel in marble and carved it until I set him free.” Michelangelo Buonarroti

She carves the human face by acting on three levels at once:

Emotionally | Energetically | Aesthetically.

Iulia Avram – or the golden-hands sculptor – has been practicing medicine since she knows herself. Not in the classic way though, by conventional treatments, but by key questions and the masterpiece of the hands.

Otherwise said, Iulia acts firstly on the emotions and energy blocked in the tissues, and shapes afterwards the aesthetics through techniques that correct – at once – the physics, posture, walking and voice. Sounds miraculous? It might; hence our interest to know more about SculptoPlastia – this method to reshape the human face without a scalpel, designed and patented in Eastern Europe by Iulia Avram. A social entrepreneur, with an impressive baggage both in terms of studies – medicine, psychoanalysis, law, oriental integrative medicine (Buddhist, Taoist, Ayurvedic) – and the medical cases solved, including personal ones.

iCN: Iulia, you are from Moldova, country with multiple influences: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian etc. What traits have you inherited from each of these cultures?

Iulia Avram (AI) I had a magic childhood in a village in Moldova, where Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Romanians and even Roma community lived together. These cultures were intertwined as a bunch of joy, friendship and understanding. I’ve been educated in the spirit of freedom and respect, without being imposed a particular tradition. I took something from each culture, a fingerprint that has been preserved in me all my life, and that makes me feel good anywhere in the world, and integrate easily.

Where can Iulia Avram be found?



Book ‘Sculptoplastia. The Art of modelling the Human being’, 2016, by Iulia Avram (original in Romanian; translation in English, French and Russian).

Source: iCN Issue 26  (Life Coaching); pages 54-57