by Teresha Young (UK)

Let’s get one thing straight… Effectively communicating with others is not always easy! There will be conflict, challenges, frustrations, irritations and all the other niggles that come along with the relationships in our lives, be it professional, family, platonic or romantic, that will impact on our communication style.

But why is it that having that conversation with someone to voice your concerns, can feel so difficult or awkward?

Many people avoid confronting others, because there’s a fear that it won’t play out well and people will leave feeling attacked, demoralised or belittled. However, whilst not having that difficult or awkward conversation might seem like the easiest approach, it’s not going to benefit the relationship. The very word ‘relationship’ can be split as follows:

Relation + Ship = Relationship

Both parties need to be sailing the same ship, heading to the same destination in the same direction in order to relate to each other.

(Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)

Source: iCN Issue 24  (Relationship Coaching); pages 42-45

About Teresha Young

Teresha Young is an IIC&M Accredited & CSA Certified Relationship Master Coach specialising in showing women how to gain strength and stature through them reconnecting with who they are and finding confidence within themselves, so they are empowered and enabled to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship (a.k.a. a diamond-dazzling relationship) with themselves and with others in any type of relationship; be it professional, family, platonic or romantic. She has spent years becoming skilled and experienced in the areas of coaching, personal development, self-confidence and in how to have a true connection with oneself, as well as with others.