Gary Gasaway (USA)

Much of my practice as a life coach is working and guiding my clients to attain their ‘life goals’. These life goals are really just everyday responsibilities: family and relationships, money and finances, career and business, spiritual and education, health and well-being, and enjoyment and fulfilment.

To begin their journey, I have them complete an exercise to help control their emotional state and stay focused upon what they really want from life. More importantly, this simple NLP exercise creates a transformation of the renewing of their minds to think differently. This exercise provides them with purposeful focus regarding what I refer to as; reflection connection. That is – thinking, feeling, and acting upon the enhancement of attaining their life goals.

To do this, I have the client visualize the steering wheel of the vehicle they drive (after all, they are in control). Using the life goals listed above, I have them think and reflect upon the two most important goals that they want to make positive changes to as they hold their steering wheel (two goals because it is recommended to have your hands at ’10AM and 2PM’ on the wheel as you drive – a total focus). With this kind of focused reprogramming, the client experiences getting control of their mind (thoughts), emotional state (feelings), then taking actions to enhance their life.

Source: iCN Issue 27  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 12-15

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is the founder of Conflict Coaching Solutions, LLC, a professional life coaching business that focuses on inspiring individuals, couples, and/or groups to transform their conflictive situations into positive solutions.

Before creating his company, Gary was a ‘corporate coach’ for a large utility company in Southern California. During his 32 years with this company, Gary designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to supervisors and managers throughout the company.

Gary also has now written and published four books; The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy and just published; The Reflection Connection. For additional information regarding Gary and his business or books, go to: